Personal Year Six

A personal year 6 has the following meaning: Finding A Soul Mate, Love, Family and Home

A personal year 6 intensifies feelings in existing relationships and enables you to make new emotional connections. Many people find a soul mate during this phase. You are must likely to get married or engaged during this harmonious year. Although this can be a wonderful experience it can also be sobering as well it often presents a choice: to make a commitment or not. You may also prefer more to spend more time with family or an intimate circle of friends. A friend that you meet during this cycle is likely to become a friend for life.

3 Responses to Personal Year Six

  1. Lundria says:

    Hello, My friend introduced me to numerology. Is it a real science, or what is it?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lundria,

    Yes, Numerology is a real science, it is probably the oldest science known to man. I’ve got some great pages coming online soon, so stick around and prepare to be astounded by the power numerology can bring to your life.

  3. Gerremarc Ysalina Cayhao says:

    i hope its true that i can find my soulmate this 6 personal year

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