Personal Year One

A personal year 1 in numerology has the following meanings: Planting Seeds, Rebirth, Beginning of An Era

This is the beginning of a new nine year cycle. Things that have concerned you for the past decade no longer matter at all, in fact you may find your priorities have changed altogether. Disappointments from the past simply don’t matter anymore. Any work that you do during this year sets the tone and foundation for the next nine. This is the time to decide what your goals are and act on them. A personal year 1 also often brings new vitality and physical strength.

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  2. dear sir
    i am sumanjeet sharma i am very eager to know abt my career how it will go in current year and will i going to achieve the targets which i have already set for me.rite now i am workking but somehow i am not happy with the job which i have been assigned to do so and i want to change my deppt in the existing company or in some other company.i would like to earn more and more money for my long will it take for me to achieve this goal in my life.

  3. Daniel says:

    i think it is true

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