Personal Year Four

A personal year 4 has the following meanings and interpretations: Maintenance, Work, Self Control and Responsibility

This is a year of hard work and discipline in which you will be struggling to keep up with all the promises you made during year 3. Many find a year 4 to be very frustrating as responsibilities increase. A common metaphor used to describe this year is “two steps forward and two steps back.” Although it might seem that you are not making much headway, the whole point of a year four is to create a firm foundation that can support the maturing of your life goals over the next couple of years.

3 Responses to Personal Year Four

  1. yogeshwar says:

    my career in which fied

  2. yogeshwar says:

    will i have selected in civil services

  3. Brenda says:

    Im going through a strange time right now, and I need to decide on a divorce, a new job, a move, and so much more. Here is the quandary I wake up almost every morning to the clock reading 4:44 and then the lights went out in a recent storm and when they came back on the kitchen clock was flashing 4:44 then coming home or running errands I’ll look at the car clock and you guessed it it’s 4:44. I can’t help but wonder if Im not getting a message that I just cant figure out.

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