2012 Predictions

So what is going to happen in 2012? What’s all the fuss about… I’m about to reveal what your future holds for you in the year 2012, it seems like a long time away, but, doesn’t it also seem like the year 2000 was only yesterday? Your 2012 predictions will be particularly interesting if you’ll be going through a personal year 5.

First you should calculate what personal year you will be going through for accurate 2012 predictions, you can use the free personal year calculator on this site to calculate the exact personal year number you will be experiencing in 2012. For my partner, she will be going through a personal year number 6, which is a year of love, being around the home and nesting. Perhaps we will have another child that year… it’s certainly possible!

Your 2012 Predictions

The year 2012 reduces down to a 5 and will be particularly significant to those also experiencing a personal year 5, the feelings of independence and freedom will be stronger in you than in others. However it will be a very free spirited year for all of mankind regardless of their personal year numbers. We should all embrace and look forward to this change for freedom is the one thing we should be united in.

To work out your day by day 2012 predictions, either login to the members area, or use the Numerology Predictions Calculator.

Isn’t it all just doom and gloom in the year 2012?

You’ve probably seen all the hysterical and not-so-logical websites putting up dooms day notices and end of the world predictions. In fact the end of the world has been predicted thousands of times previously throughout human history, the reason we tend to believe the future predictions, like that of the 2012 predictions, is because they haven’t happened yet.

Innocent until proven guilty…

Or something like that. I propose a different mindset to travel forward into the future with, and its simple, be positive and bind together as one. Everyone can do it, every man woman and child on the planet can be positive in the face of the unknown and this is enhanced by binding together and facing our future head on.

Numerology predictions help you prepare mentally for the future and can be used in a variety of situations to great effect, the predictions can always be used positively. If you haven’t experienced the power of positive change through Numerology then I invite you to try a Free Numerology Reading… even though it’s only a taster of the real thing it still stuns people with its accuracy.

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