Name Numerology

Do you know your destiny?

If you would like to, then you should learn what your “destiny number” means. Rest assured that you do have one, though you may never have realized it until now. You don’t have to continue living life unguided – you can have a clearer path direction with the help of Name Numerology.

There is nothing wrong with being skeptical of something that is new to you, but to dismiss something without checking it out for yourself can really cost you in the long-run. What do you have to lose by taking in knowledge of something new? You might be startled by how accurate the age-old practice of name numerology really is.

Destiny Number

A destiny number (also called an “expression number”) is achieved by adding together all of the individual letters that are in your name; the name given to you at birth.

The destiny number is not the same thing as a “life path number”, which is achieved by adding up the numbers of your date of birth. A destiny number does not tell you your main traits and inborn abilities. Instead, it tells you your potential, or, the tasks you must achieve in this lifetime. The name you were bestowed at your arrival into this world holds the key to what you can attain in life.

How does one arrive at their destiny number exactly?

The easiest way is to use the Name Numerology Calculator on this site. If you have basic math skills then you can add the numbers using a piece of paper and a pen. You can also use a simple calculator and a name numerology chart.

You must understand that this practice applies only to your original name given to you at birth. This excludes all nicknames, married names, and assumed names. You must include your full name, even if you hate that awkward middle name of yours! The basic idea is to include the name as it appears on your birth certificate. Exclude suffixes such as Jr., Sr., the II, and so on.

Before jumping to an analysis, you must first come up with your number. If you want to do this manually then use the following chart with the numbers 1-9 corresponding to each letter of the alphabet:

Name Numerology Chart

From there, you can write out your first and last name and your middle name if you have one. Look at the chart and write the corresponding number under each letter. Add up the numbers for each name individually, and then add the subtotal to get your destiny number and begin your numerology name analysis.

An Example to Follow Along With

As an example, let’s take the name Heather Lynn Walker (a volunteer subject) and analyze it.

The name Heather corresponds to the numbers 8 5 1 2 8 5 9 on the numerology chart. The total is 38. Three plus eight equals 11. The next step would be adding one plus one and that equals the number 2.

You follow the same process for the middle and last name. The total for each (after coming to a total and then adding the double-digit numbers together) is: 2, 2 and 7. Now you add these final numbers up to get the master number of eleven. (Some psychics might say you are a 2 instead of 11; but basically, 11 is a stronger 2)

You now have your name numerology destiny number. Using this core number, you can find information from reliable sources to set you on the right path. Getting a professional numerology name analysis will help you understand your potential, mission, and purpose.

This helpful information might even help to uncover your possible “destiny.” Work with a reliable numerology service for the most accurate and helpful evaluations possible and enjoy learning more about your potential and how to use this knowledge in the future.

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