Free Numerology Compatibility Reports

Are you ready to take a relationship compatibility test? To find out the numerology compatibility between you and your (potential) partner read on…

A Numerology Compatibility reading takes into account the name and date of birth from each person, it then reduces them down to core numbers from which we can derive interpretations.

By looking at the differences and similarities between the interpretations we can easily see your name compatibility and birthdate compatibility.

Free Compatibility Reports

You’ll find various calculators needed to calculate your numerology compatibility throughout this website. They’ll provide you with enough information to start your investigation into the name compatibility and birthdate compatibility between you and your partner.

Here are some key components you’ll want to consider when looking at your numerology compatibility:

  • Personal Year Number – Are you both in sync with your goals and desires for this year?
  • Life Path Number – Are you traveling through life in different directions?
  • Life Challenge Numbers – If you’re facing the same challenges you’re more likely to understand what each other is going through.

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